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Lead with Connection

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Challenge your ‘business as usual’ mindset and explore the depths of what it means to Lead With Connection™. Start supporting your team in brand new ways to engage, lift, and connect with them like never before.

Learning Objectives:

In this workshop you will learn to:

·         Embrace vulnerability to build trust and decentralize decisions

·         Sustain connection through a platform for knowing your people at a deeper level

Identify future leaders through a development focused performance process
Date: Wed, Feb 26, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
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Rob Dwortz, Founding Partner, Become Unmistakable
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As a recovering banker, I’ve been trained to believe that people are assets to be deployed to create shareholder value.  That worked when I was the asset, but when I found myself in leadership roles, the idea simply fell apart.  Through years of  experience I’ve learned that the most valuable and sacred asset of any organization is its people.  Focus on their success and happiness as they define it and you will tap into immeasurable value in your business. I’ve since had the opportunity to test this theory and see the success in action as a bank CEO and private business owner, as well as through numerous advisory relationships with executive teams within manufacturing, professional services, education, and non-profit industries. When I’m not driving culture, you can find me having a glass of wine with my bride of 23 years, desperately clinging to my teen and college-age kids, coaching baseball, or skiing at every opportunity I can find!

Jodi DeRoo, Director of Learning, Become Unmistakable
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My passion is people. I believe most people have untapped potential, and if businesses invest in unleashing that potential – then numbers will follow.  I’ve had the opportunity to master a variety of roles, from lending to treasury management to operations to talent management. I’ve worked with start-up companies and tenured organizations. I’ve helped drive cultural change in a way that inspired organic growth, momentum and team member engagement. I believe learning is a lifelong journey and I welcome new challenges as an integral part of my ongoing development. About 10 years ago I started digging deep into the brain science behind human interactions and it opened up a whole new obsession for me!  In my spare time you’ll find me lovin’ on my family, especially my grandchildren (the greatest dopamine dump ever!) – reading books, singing crazy songs and having sock races down the hallways.