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Leading through uncertain times: what employees need now.

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Uncertain and difficult times have a way of slowing us all down and holding us back. We can quickly become our own worst enemies and slip into that unhealthy and unproductive mental state. It's in these times, that we need our leaders more than ever. We need them to be that "GPS" that helps us re-calculate, course-correct, and re-center our focus on what we can control, that next step forward.


In this session, Andrew will discuss:


·          How leaders are our organization's "GPS" for our employees


·          What are some of the best practices and tips for Leaders when navigating uncertain and difficult times like these


·          What are the tools available to leaders and organizations


·          Why it’s more important than ever to focus on strengthening the ‘emotional equity’ within your team  


Date: Wed, Apr 29, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
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Andrew Bishop
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Andrew Bishop knows where you’re at and gets where you want to be. He’s a high-performing executive who has helped grow and evolve several organizations over his career journey. But prior to joining Baudville Brands, he spent time in the staffing and manufacturing industries where he acknowledges that he learned about employee engagement more by setting an example of “what not to do” than by being a master of it. His P&L-driven approach to leadership was a barrier to true success and now serves as the catalyst for his passion for employee engagement.