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Crisis in Credentialing

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Today’s airports, though owned and operated by local government entities, are besieged by competing operational requirements and mandates that dictate access control, identity verification, authentication and credentialing of local employees, airline staff and possibly even transient flight crews, which are determined by a myriad of legislation, federal regulations, state regulations, local codes and ordinances, as well as TSA security directives. In addition, advancements in security technology including biometrics, cooperation with government agencies, privacy impact, growth, new construction and reduced funding significantly impact the approximately 460 regulated commercial airports. All combine to create a number of new security and privacy challenges for airports that were originally designed for the business of moving passengers quickly and efficiently through the facility.


The RTCA are updating their recommendations on airport security including identity management and physical access control solutions. With the imminent release of updated legislation and directives, the TSA, with its statutory responsibility to assess threats to transportation, is considering mandates that would require airports to significantly change their identity and credentialing operations.



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In this webinar you will learn:

·         How the TSA has mandated change in the past and its affect on airports

·         The History of TSA Mandates

·         Imminent New Mandates

·         Managing Change and Migration…Don’t waste money on technology that may become obsolete.

Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2011
Time: 11:00 AM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Airport Improvement magazine
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Paul Bowers
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Steve Rogers
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President & CEO
Intellisoft, Inc.

Colleen Chamberlain
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Staff VP, Transportation Security Policy
American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)

Sal D'Agostino
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